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Representative Payee

Value Ombudsman for Health Choices Participants


Representative Payee

What does a Payee do for me?

The Representative Payee Program is responsible for assisting consumers who require assistance with their financial affairs.  The Representative Payee Program abides by all the procedures established by the Social Security Administration.  The Representative Payee receives your Social Security benefit payments on your behalf and will use the money to pay for your current needs, which include :

Housing and utilities
Medical and Dental expenses
Personal care items

What are the requirements?

Resident of Washington County
18 years of age
Mental Health diagnosis
In need of Representative Payee Services


How Do I get more information about this program?

Referrals are available by contacting the Mental Health Association at 724-225-2061 

Value Ombudsman for Health Choices Participants

What is an Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is a person who can provide you with information about managed care and help you with filing complaints and grievances.

Who uses Ombudsman Services and how do you contact an Ombudsman?

The ombudsman program serves adults, children, teens, and their families who are consumers of mental health and/or substance abuse services through the network of Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania (VBH-PA).  This company organizes services for Health Choices recipients.

How does the Ombudsman program help consumers of Behavioral Health Services?


Provides managed care information.

Ensures understanding of rights.

Documents concerns.

Helps to resolve issues through complaint and grievance procedures.


Why should you contact an Ombudsman Program?


To discuss concerns about treatment, care and services.

To get questions answered

To obtain help filing a complaint with VBH-PA member services.


Rights and Responsibilities


As a member of Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania (VBH-PA) you have:

The right to be treated with respect and dignity.

The right to privacy concerning medical records and conversations with people who give you care

The right to choose providers from a VBH-PA providers list.

The right to receive services without regards to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or ethnic background.

The right to see your medical records and talk about them with your provider.

The right to make a complaint or file a grievance about your care or the services you receive without any type of punishment.

The right to take part in decisions about your care.


The Ombudsman program is funded through a contract with Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania (VBH-PA) and each county's Mental Health Association, all United Way Agencies.


There are ombudsman programs in eight counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


                        (724) 775-4165  Beaver

                        (800) 496-4388  Lawrence



                        (724) 287-1965

                        (888) 329-0468



                        (724) 225-2061   

                        (888) MHA-6767



                        (724) 834-6351

                        (800) 871-4445


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